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Learn how to "speak tech" with IT candidates even if you've never worked in IT. Quickly look up the right IT keywords to sound like a Pro!

"The mind maps were an immensely helpful tool to refer back to as I progressed in my sourcing."
Kimberly Murphy
Ex-Amazon Recruiter, Denver, USA
"I truly appreciates the quality of the work with the mind maps. Now I know a lot about IT candidates."
Angie Xie
Recruiter at Gartner, Singapore
"I gained a lot of knowledge about the IT landscapes job roles learning from the work books and mind maps. Thank you for making it easy to communicate with candidates worldwide."
Terence Brown
Tech Recruiter, Great Britain

"The IT World Is So Complicated Yet I'm Supposed To Find IT Candidates!"

Hi! I'm Michal Juhas, an IT recruiter who used to struggle with the IT keywords I saw on candidate's resumes.

Like a lot of IT recruiters, I'm also overwhelmed with the programming languages, software frameworks, and tools the IT professionals use at work.
And that's me AFTER working it IT for over 18 years!
How are we supposed to find and interview candidates when there are so many IT keywords?!
One day I created a mind map with keywords related to DevOps... because I was about to interview a DevOps candidate.
It went well so I soon created a second mind map.
Then third, fourth, ... and once I started sharing them with colleagues, it took off the ground 🔥
Suddenly everyone wanted to start using the mind maps to quickly look up important IT keywords but they were working on other positions.
So, I created more and more mind maps... and now we have 42!
To help fellow recruiters further, I even recorded video tutorials explaining each mind map.
If you also feel overwhelmed with the IT terminology, programming languages, software frameworks, and tools that IT professionals use every day, I've got something special for you:
The "IT Recruiter Mind Maps" PDF eBook.
You can now see the essential IT vocabulary beautifully visualized in one place so that you can structure your thoughts and look up the right keywords before your next call with an IT candidate, hiring manager, or your colleague.
Keep these proven mind maps on your desk to quickly look up technologies, programming languages, libraries and frameworks relevant to IT roles and candidates you are looking for.

How To Use The Mind Maps

Table Of Contents

42 High-Quality Mind Maps:
...essential for HR managers, TA specialists, recruiters, and everyone who's supposed to fill IT positions:
IT recruiter mind map pdf

Part 1: Starting From Scratch

  • Must-know IT Terms
  • ​IT Acronyms From JDs And CVs
  • ​IT Roles Categorization
  • ​Detailed Overview Of The IT Roles
  • ​Software Development – Lifecycle
  • ​Software Development – Landscape
  • ​Software Development – Hard Skills
  • ​Software Development – Must-have Skills

2: Recruiting Strategies

  • ​How to get more IT candidates
  • ​​What are the Software Developers interested in?
  • ​Developer Personas
  • ​Company Stereotypes
  • ​How To “Sell” Opportunities To Candidates
  • ​Job Requirement Analysis
  • ​How To Pitch Technical Job Opportunities
  • ​How to make boring jobs sound more exciting

3: IT Candidate Psychology

  • ​How to “sell” IT vacancies to Software Engineers?
  • ​How to “sell” IT vacancies to QA Testing Specialists?
  • ​How to “sell” IT vacancies to Data Engineers?
  • ​How to “sell” IT vacancies to Product Managers?
  • ​How to “sell” IT vacancies to IT Managers?
  • ​How to “sell” IT vacancies to Security Engineers?

4: IT Talent Sourcing

  • ​Introduction to Boolean Search
  • ​Boolean Search Examples
  • ​Boolean Search – Full-stack Java React Engineer
  • ​Boolean Search – Frontend React Engineer
IT recruiter mind map pdf

5: Software Development Overview

  • Software Development With JavaScript
  • ​Software Development with Java
  • ​Software Development with C# .NET
  • ​Software Development with PHP
  • ​Software Development & Data Engineering with Python

6: Recruiting Software Developers

  • Web Development – Simplified
  • ​Web Development – Detailed
  • ​Mobile Application Development - iOS Platform
  • ​Mobile Application Development - Android Platform
  • ​Desktop Application Development
  • ​Enterprise Application Development
  • ​Programming Languages & Frameworks
  • ​Common Usage Of Languages & Frameworks
  • ​Recruiting Frontend Web Developers
  • ​Recruiting Full-Stack JavaScript/TypeScript Developers
  • ​Recruiting Backend C# Web Developers
  • ​Recruiting Backend Java Web Developers
  • ​Recruiting Full-Stack PHP Web Developers
  • ​Recruiting SharePoint Developers
  • ​Recruiting SAP Developers

7: Recruiting DevOps And Cloud Engineers

  • ​Cloud Computing Overview
  • ​DevOps Overview
  • ​Azure Cloud Overview
  • ​Recruiting DevOps Engineers

8: Recruiting Data & BI Specialists

  • ​Data Skills Overview
  • ​Databases & Data Roles Overview
  • ​Recruiting Data Analysts
  • ​Recruiting Data Engineers

9: Recruiting Network & Admin Specialists

  • ​Recruiting Linux Administrators
  • Recruiting Network Engineers
  • ​Recruiting System Administrators

10: Recruiting Other IT Roles

  • ​Testing & Quality Assurance (QA) Overview
  • ​IT Support & HelpDesk Overview
  • ​CyberSecurity Overview
  • ​Recruiting Business Analysts
  • ​Recruiting Chief Information Security Officers
  • ​Recruiting Functional Application Managers
  • ​Recruiting Information Managers
  • ​Recruiting IT Product Managers / Product Owners
  • ​Recruiting Project Managers

The eBook

A beautiful PDF containing 68 incredibly visual mind maps that cover the most common IT roles and the whole IT world as well!

Detailed Overview Of The IT Roles

Page 13 + video tutorial

How To Get More IT Candidates

Page 19 + video tutorial

Recruiting Data Engineers

Page 62 + video tutorial

Recruiting IT Product Managers

Page 74 + video tutorial

Must-know IT Terms (for recruiters & HR specialists)

Page 10 + video tutorial

Deep-dive: DevOps

Page 55 + video tutorial

Recruiting Full-stack JavaScript Developers

Page 44 + video tutorial

Programming Languages & Software Frameworks

Page 42 + video tutorial
Mind maps available: 59

Video Tutorials

The eBook will teach you a ton, but there are some things best learned by watching an expert do it themselves.

We’ve put together 34 video tutorials that walk through the essential IT terminology and also how to use the it to find qualified candidates for high-tech companies.

Video: IT Roles Explained

Video: Programming Languages & Frameworks

Video tutorials available: 36
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Get The Mind Maps Today

Review the free sample (click here) and if you like what you see, get all mind maps with tutorials today:

The Essentials

  • The 40+ mind maps in PDF format
  • ​All 35 video tutorials

The Professional

  • The 40+ mind maps in PDF format
  • ​All 35 video tutorials
  • ​eBook "Clear Job Requirements"
  • ​eBook "Confident Interviews With IT Candidates"
  • ​eBook "Powerful Messages To IT Candidates"
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The Complete Package

  • The 40+ mind maps in PDF format
  • ​All 35 video tutorials
  • ​eBook "Clear Job Requirements"
  • ​eBook "Confident Interviews With IT Candidates"
  • ​eBook "Powerful Messages To IT Candidates"
  • ​Video course "Essential IT Terminology For IT Recruiters" with 4.5 hours of professional content used by staffing agencies in the US, CA, UK, and EU
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People Who Buy These Mind Maps Become Better At Their Jobs:

 Non-tech Recruiter

Alexander became confident when speaking with technical candidates:

 HR Manager

Tiffany can now communicate with IT hiring managers because she understands the IT terminologies.

 IT Recruiter

Ryan started recruiting IT candidates and can breakdown the common IT roles.

 COO / Operations Manager

Valeria is able to onboard new colleagues more efficiently and structure learning path.

 Talent Acquisition / Sourcer

Patricia can find software developers faster after she learned about the programming languages, software frameworks, and tools that IT candidates use.

 CEO / Business Owner

Ursula is able to manage her team more effectively as she can now speak the "technical language described in the mind maps."

Ready-To-Print PDF
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I get these Mind Maps with videos for my entire team?
Sure! We offer team discounts on the Complete Package based on the number of team members you'd like to purchase for:
What situations do IT Recruiter Mind Maps help with?
It depends on what do you do at work. If you are a recruiter, they will help you prepare for a screening call with a candidate or a hiring manager. If you are a corporate HR manager or TA specialist, you’ll learn about the IT positions in your company. If you are a manager interacting with colleagues from the IT department, you’ll learn the vocabulary so you can interact with them effectively and “speak their language.”
Who are IT Recruiter Mind Maps for?
Our customers include recruitment consultants, sales managers, account managers, staffing agencies, corporate HR, business professionals, project managers, … and others who need to engage with IT professionals.
Are IT Recruiter Mind Maps only for IT developers?
NO! In fact, 90% of those who downloaded the mind maps are NOT technical people. Think of business professionals, project managers, tech recruiters, HR managers, Talent Acquisition specialists, sales managers, account managers, …
Can I print the mind maps?
Yes, the mind maps are prepared in a ready-to-print PDF document. Just download the PDF from Google Drive and print it at home or work.
What mind maps are included in this offer?
All of the mind maps that Michal has used during his training sessions in the last 3 years. This is a complete, unique PDF that you cannot find ANYWHERE ELSE. It’s as unique as it can get!
Are future IT Recruiter Mind Maps included in the purchase price?
Yes, if you take advantage of this special offer, you’ll get access to the member's area where you can download updated mind maps in the future.
How do IT Recruiter Mind Maps help sales or recruitment teams increase performance?
Sales managers and Recruitment consultants who understand the IT terminology can engage with hiring managers and candidates. They are more efficient in analyzing job requirements as well as candidates' resumes.
Can I have IT Recruiter Mind Maps delivered to my door in print? Do you ship worldwide?
Not right now. We have a ready-to-print PDF available for you right now so you can print it at home or work.
Can I copy or repurpose the content of IT Recruiter Mind Maps in my presentation, video, podcast or training?
No, you would violate our copyright. Please reach out to our support at help@techrecruitmentsupport.com if you’d like to reuse the mind maps.
What languages are IT Recruiter Mind Maps available in?

These Mind Maps Are Popular Among HR  Managers & TA Specialists

Recruiters from these companies below loved these mind maps during the webinars and seminars:

Feedback From Recruiters Who Used These Mind Maps

IT recruiter mind maps are essential during training sessions for business professionals, sales managers, and recruitment teams.

recruitment mind map

Jozef says...

Jozef says...

"Since I'm talking to a lot of IT people, I often get lost in all the technology. My motivation was to get deeper understanding about the technologies and be able to filter out the CV. The way Michal presented was catchy and engaging." 
–Jozef, recruiter, Slovakia

Maria says...

Maria says...

"I had very little technical knowledge so with this course I was able to lay down a strong foundation. Michal is great because he's got the best from both worlds... It was an eye-opener!" 
–Maria, recruiter, Spain
"I had very little technical knowledge so with this course I was able to lay down a strong foundation. Michal is great because he's got the best from both worlds... It was an eye-opener!" 
–Maria, recruiter, Spain

Malay says...

Malay says...

"I've been in the IT industry for 20 years. ... It went perfectly, very well organized, and I like the mind maps a lot!" 
–Malay, recruiter, Canada

Luis says...

Luis says...

"I was able to learn about the IT positions that I am working on. I'm able to speak more confidently with the candidates over the phone and explain certain positions." –Luis Tello, recruiter, Budapest (Hungary)
"I was able to learn about the IT positions that I am working on. I'm able to speak more confidently with the candidates over the phone and explain certain positions." –Luis Tello, recruiter, Budapest (Hungary)

Sansary says...

Sansary says...

"This is one hub where I can go through the materials, read everything, and it saved me a lot of time." Everything Michal is explaining is very clear and easy to digest." 
–Sansary, recruiter, Singapore
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About The Author

My Name Is Michal Juhas And I've Been Recruiting IT Professionals For Over Nine Years

I have co-founded companies in the Czech Republic, Thailand, and Slovakia. The biggest one, where I served as a CTO and tech lead, has reached $70m in annual gross booking volume. 

Today, my team and I specialize in Tech Recruitment. Our clients include San Francisco-based startups, international corporations, as well as European scale-ups.

We believe IT recruiters need to continuously learn about IT in order to be successful in their jobs and that's why we've trained over 30,000 IT & HR professionals – some of them are from the largest staffing organizations like Manpower, Experis, and Accenture.

But if you think it's just about recruitment services, you're missing the point. What we are really about is helping impactful businesses establish high-performing software teams so they can make the world a better place.

That's why we're building the Global Talents Hub where IT professionals get inspired to work on meaningful projects and get connected with hiring managers who work on the most interesting global challenges.

Our goal is really simple; to help CTOs get the right IT professionals on board so they can focus on global challenges such as climate change, education, wealth inequality, or poverty.

And I can show you step-by-step how you can do IT recruitment, too!
"How to write compelling Job Ads"
"Programming languages and frameworks"
"Use GitHub to source SW developers"
"This is how to recruit Frontend developers."
"Follow these three recruitment strategies"
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